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If youre an official representative of your property, service, or company, set up your free TripAdvisor listing today. Read our listing policies below for more details

We list accommodations that offer multiple rooms/units at one specific address and can accommodate more than one party of guests at a time.

The accommodation must have an official name and address and offer daily onsite management.

Is licensed specifically as that type of accommodation by either the local tourism board or governmental officials.

We list permanent places of interest to tourists. Temporary or short-term things to do (e.g., farmers markets, flea markets), items solely on the web, or services such as classes or information services may be listed as resources but not as attractions. We include gear rental listings for sport-related activities such as bicycles, surf boards, and scooters. We do not list car/auto rentals, rentals of electronic equipment (such as cell phones, tablets, and GPS units), or personal items (such as baby strollers, beach umbrellas, and cameras).

The attraction must have an official name, address, and published telephone number. It must be open/available to customers on a regularly scheduled basis. Pre-determined hours or departure times must be published on an official website or in a printed brochure.

If the attraction is not in a fixed place (e.g., tour or cruise), then scheduled departure times, place of departure and destinations (if applicable) must be provided on the website or in the brochure. We list companies that offer day tours or day cruises.

Tour companies that offer private tours may qualify for a listing if:

We list restaurants that are open to the general public. For chains we list each location as an individual restaurant.

We list travel resources that fall into one of the following categories:

TripAdvisor reserves the right to change these policies at any time and to refuse or remove any listing for any reason.